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F160 Frequency Generator

Note: the F160 is out of production and is being replaced by our soon to be released F165. The information on this page is for reference only. The F160 outputs over 20 MHZ (can go up to 42 MHZ reduced amplitude sine wave), has variable amplitude control up to 26 Vpp in AC mode and offers 2 channels mixed/combined at the output. Read the specifications for the new F160 and F100 2.0 software for PC bellow. The F160 model is an addition to our line of generators and the current F105/150/155 will still be available. The new F100 software 2.0 is compatible with all current and previous F105/150/155 generators. Click on images to get bigger pictures.

Key features

Two fully programmable channels combined/mixed at the output
Controlled by version 2 of the F100 software for PC and PalmOS
32 bit DDS (Direct Digital Wave Synthesis) technology
Low jitter high speed channel A from 0 to over 20 MHZ (up to 42 MHZ for reduced amplitude sine wave)
Channel A programmable for square or sine wave output
Channel B from 0 to 30 KHZ square wave
Channel B can gate (100% symmetrical or asymmetrical amplitude modulation) the higher speed channel A acting as a carrier
Amplitude knob to adjust from 0 to 26Vpp is AC mode and 0 to 13Vpp in full positive or full negative offset mode.
Programmable offset from full positive to AC centered at 0V to full negative with 128 steps in between.

Some examples of what the F160 can do

-Run a sweep of frequencies from 700 to 750 HZ gating/modulating a 11.7 MHZ carrier (or any carrier from 0.04 to over 20 MHZ).
-Run a converging spread of 50 HZ around 600 HZ gating/mudulating a 17 MHZ carrier (or any carrier from 0.04 to over 20 MHZ).
-Run an audio (.1 to 32 KHZ) square wave modulating a 27 MHZ reduced amplitude sine wave carrier (or any carrier up to 42 MHZ at reduced amplitude). Run in this mode, the F160 can be a signal/carrier source for a RF amplifier running within a CB carrier band.
-Program the generator to automatically set a carrier frequency that is a multiple (harmonic) of the gating frequency. For example, set the carrier to be 1000 times the gating frequency.
-Run a sweep from 17 to 17.1 MHZ with .04 HZ steps.

These are simple examples. All programming commands in the current F100 software are also available on the F160. Additional commands were added to control offset and program channels A and B.

Detailed specifications

Channel A programmable from 0 to over 20 MHZ in .04 HZ steps (can go up to 42 MHZ reduced amplitude sine wave)
Channel A programmable sine or square wave
Channel A rise/fall time <25 ns (nano seconds)
Channel B programmable from 0 to 30 KHZ in .1 HZ steps
Channel B square wave output with <25ns rise/fall time
Offset programmable in 128 steps from full positive to full negative
Output amplitude knob adjusts from 0 up to 26 Vpp (open circuit) when running in 0V AC mode and 0 up to 13Vpp in full positive or full negative offset modes.
50 Ohm output impedance
32 bit DDS (Direct Digital Wave Synthesis) technology
Maximum continous output current: 125ma
BNC output connector
Power requirements: 18VAC 500 MA 2.5 mm input jack (Transformer included for North American markets only)
Physical dimensions: 4.70" x 3" x 1.7"
ON/OFF switch
5 ft RS-232 shielded cable
Extruded aluminum case

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