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  Here are some testimonials we received from users of our frequency generators. For more user reviews, click here.

Dr. Richard Loyd, Seattle, WA USA :   "It [F105] has arrived, thank you. It was fun to set up and experiment with ... This program is looking really good. I did not know about the vduty [command]. That will work really great for our type of devices. 50% at the low end and 85% or more at 10,000. ... I am currently running a (4 coils) with the F105 and it runs fine."

Mae Matthews, Australia:   [Re: F160] "- easy to use, I'm keen to start using it. Compliments on your software and user guide -clearly explained with examples, easy for the novice, and yet easy to progress to the more complex functions if desired. Software is so simple and succinct, and yet powerful."

Clay Bolick, England :   "This has to be the easiest, most versatile freq generating software l have ever seen."

Paul N, USA: "I have been using this F155 for a week now and it's great! A lot of options and the software is easy to use ... did you design and build these generators? good job! and thank you. If you are just selling them, thank you too. Paul "

"I want to thank Patrick for his help.He is always there to support this device and answer questions."

Mike T., USA:  "Your support is incredible!"

More user reviews
Dr. Richard Loyd, Seattle, WA USA
"This is a short review of the F100 family of frequency generators available 
from . 

These units consist of software and a small box that attaches to a serial port
and a wall transformer. They are easy to use and have a number is useful features. 
Output voltage is 5.0 no load, or 2.5 at 50 ohms. 

It is easy to program a series of frequencies. A different run time can be set for 
each frequency. Some of the units go up to over 1.5 MHz. 

Gating: Gating is included with user's choice of gate speeds. 

Duty Cycle: Duty cycle is adjustable. It is also 
possible to have the duty cycle increase as the frequency increases.

The units do sweeps. I have the F-105 version which will do sweeps in .01 Hz steps and 
.01 second dwell, for example. This is meaningless below 100 Hz as this would produce 
less than one cycle at each step. So the device will also do 1 or more complete cycles 
per step. I am running it at .01 Hz steps and 1 cycle per step. 

There are other features but this is an introduction. It has adequate power output to 
drive 4 Darlington transistors in a 4 coil system. 

I have no financial interest in the sale of these units. 

Dick "

Brian McInturf, Georgia, USA
"I went to and 
downloaded the F100 software. All I can say is 
*excellent*. This is exactly what I have been 
wanting in a function generator interface. 

Once the software comes up, there is a blank 
screen with three buttons, Run, Hold, and Stop. 
All you do is start entering the runtime 
parameters and frequencies. See the F100 
guide.txt for a list of them. 

Here's an example of programming" ... " using the typical 
3 minutes (180sec) per frequency at a 1Hz, 50% 
duty cycle gate rate. # indicates an optional 
comment line. 

dwell 180 
pulse 1 50 
380, 1.2, 2720, 2489, 2170, 1800, 1600, 1550, 802, 
880, 832, 787, 776, 727, 465, 444, 1865, 146, 125, 
95, 72, 20, 450, 440, 428, 660 

THAT'S IT! Enter the first two lines to define 
the dwell and pulse parameters (or have them in a 
template,) then cut and paste the desired set from 
the CAFL or other frequency list. It took me less 
than 1 minute to create that set! Commas are not 
necessary between the frequencies, and they can be 
in a column instead of rows. 

Here's something just as good. Set up a scan 
from 2000-2600Hz at 10 seconds per 1 Hz (with 
4Hz gating) 

# Scan 2000-2600 10sec/Hz 
dwell 10 
pulse 4 50 
sweep 2000 2600 1 

That also took less than a minute. 

There are other interesting features 
like "fuzz" (sweep up and down about the set 
frequency), goto (create loops in a set), and 
vduty, which linearly extrapolates the duty 
cycle based on the frequency. 

There are batch mode commands for running 
the sets (with or without the GUI) so that 
you can have a bunch of icons in a folder, 
each one a different frequency set. Click 
and run. 

What a giant leap forward in function generator 


James E. Bare D.C., Plasma Sonics Ltd. Co. , ALBUQUERQUE, NM
"The F-100 Series is a computer operated frequency generator custom built 
for the device. It can be operated via the serial port of a IBM type computer, 
or from a Palm type computer. It is an extremely high quality square wave audio 
generator usable in electonic device testing and repair. It offers easy to use
programming and full control of the audio square waves. "

Bruce K. Stenulson, Fairplay CO
"The F150 series frequency synthesizers work superbly when controlled / commanded
by a PDA which running the PALM operating system version 3.5 & up, and has 8MB or 
more of RAM. A virtually unlimited collection of frequency sequence files can be 
created, saved, quickly called up to run, and easily re-edited & modified, with 
comments and notes added as desired... After working with the quick and flexible
programming software used to drive the F150s, along with the potential for storing
literally thousands of frequency sequences of essentially unlimited length, I have
to say that I personally prefer the flexibility and ease of programming and use 
of the F150. It has become the new benchmark in performance, precision, and value." 

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