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F100 2.2.0 software for Palm OS 3.5 or above

NOTE to F100 version 1.x users on PalmOS: When you run this new version (2.2.0) of F100 on your Palm device, existing frequency program files created with F100 1.x on your Palm will be converted to a new format transparently when you first open them. You will not be able to use those frequency program files with version 1.x of F100 on your Palm after this conversion. We suggest you first "HotSync" your Palm to your PC to make a backup of your Palm frequency files before upgrading to F100 version 2. The new F100 version 2 is backwards compatible with all F100 frequency files on the Palm or those created with F100 on your PC and copied to your Palm.

The following features were added to this release since the last release (2.0.1)

- Support for new F160 function generator
- Delete file menu option
- Open file list is now sorted in alphabetical order
- New repeat and vbackfreq commands added

To install the Palm F100 software on your Palm device, download the software bellow and follow the installation instructions. To install the F100 software on your device, you will need the Palm Desktop and Palm HotSync software installed on your PC. This software comes with your Palm device.

F100 2.2.0 software for Palm OS 3.x or 4.x:
    F100 2.2.0

F100 2.2.0 software for Palm OS 5.x:
    F100 2.2.0

Installation Instructions
   After downloading and saving the file above
     1)Make sure your Palm device is connected to your computer and turned on
     2)Start your Palm Desktop application on your computer
     3)Click "install" on the Palm Desktop
     4)Click "add" in the Install Tool window
     5)Add the file F100.prc you downloaded from our web site 
     6)Click "done" in the Install Tool
     7)Start the Palm Hot Sync Manager on your computer
     8)Click the Hot Sync button on your Palm cradle
     9)When Hot sync is done, you can start the F100 application on your Palm 
        device by clicking the F100 icon.

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