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F100 Software for Palm OS 3.5 or above

To install the Palm F100 software on your Palm device, download the software bellow and follow the installation instructions. To install the F100 software on your device, you will need the Palm Desktop and Palm HotSync software installed on your PC. This software comes with your Palm device.

F100 version 1 for PalmOS 3.5 and 4.x :
     Site1: F100 1.4.0
     Site2: F100 1.4.0

Click here to download F100 version 2 beta release for PalmOS 3.5, 4.x, 5.x :

Installation Instructions
   After downloading and saving the file above
     1)Double click the file you downloaded: f100palm.exe
     2)Choose an installation directory when asked
     2a)You may be asked to confirm file replacement, select "Yes to all" .
     3)Make sure your Palm device is connected to your computer and turned on
     4)Start your Palm Desktop application on your computer
     5)Click "install" on the Palm Desktop
     6)Click "add" in the Install Tool window
     7)Add all the following files located in the directory where you extracted the 
       Palm F100 software:
     8)Click "done" in the Install Tool
     9)Start the Palm Hot Sync Manager on your computer
     10)Click the Hot Sync button on your Palm cradle
     11)When Hot sync is done, you can start the F100 application on your Palm 
        device by clicking the F100 icon. Instructions on how to use F100 are 
        located in the file guide.txt or online here. To
        connect your Palm device to the frequency generator, read the section
        "Installing the device" in the user guide.

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