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Recent news

July 20 2005 We will soon be introducing two new standalone frequency generators, the F165 and F125 and a circuit board only version F110 for system builders. For more information and pictures click: F165, F125 or F110.

From time to time, we get requests from users who want to write their own software to drive our generators. If you are interested in wirting your own software, you can find more information here

Previous news

F100 series function generators are highly programmable hardware devices that connect to your computer or Palm Pilot serial port. They are controlled by the F100 software running on the PC/Palm to output frequencies you program via text files or the user interface. The F100 software gives you full control over the frequency, duty cycle, sweep, loops, gating/modulation and many other parameters described in the user guide. Frequencies are not computer generated. The F100 hardware frequency generator module, external to the PC, generates precise, crystal referenced frequencies. The PC/Palm is only used to tell the F100 frequency generator module what frequency to output and for how long, basically replacing the knobs on the front of the generator and the need to turn them. Intended for any application that requires fully programmable frequencies.

Key features

Fully programmable frequencies.
    Individual frequencies
Programmable duty cycle
Gating (main frequency modulation)
    Programmable gate frequency
    Programmable gate duty cycle
Does not use a sound card
Accurate, crystal driven frequencies
Hardware module external to PC
    Shielded from PC or other EM noise.
Fast rise/fall time square waves
Can be driven from a laptop or hand held computer
No need for a desktop computer when connected to a Palm PDA
   Generator and Palm PDA fit in a brief case
   Cheaper than most standalone generators even when combined with a Palm PDA
   The Palm PDA can double as a note pad, calculator, agenda, address book, etc
Flexible software
    Windows based interface
    Command/batch mode
    Online User Guide with examples
Large frequency program size
    Only limited by your PC memory
DDS (Direct Digital Wave Synthesis) technology
30 day money back guarantee. Contact us before returning any merchandise
One year warranty


PC System requirements:
IBM PC compatible system
MS-Windows 95,98,Me,2000,XP,NT4.
16 MB ram
5 MB free hard disk space
One free RS-232 port capable of 19200 bps (most are). If no serial port is available, USB connection is also possible with a USB to serial adapter sold here.

Processor speed is not critical. We have tested it on Pentium 90 MHz with Windows 95. The only restriction is if you program frequencies to change hundreds of time per second. The 19200 bps RS-232 rate puts a limit on the number of frequency change per second to around 192. Which means the theoretical minimum dwell time is .005 seconds. But this can be higher if your CPU cannot keep up. If very small dwell time are critical for your application, you can easily test the response time by downloading the free software and timing a sweep with small dwell time on your system.

Software installation requires a CD-ROM drive or an Internet connection. If your system doesn't have those, contact us and we will provide you with diskette files.

Frequency generator models

F165 (Soon to be released) Technical specifications: Available here
F125 (Soon to be released) Technical specifications: Available here
F150 Technical specifications:
Square wave TTL output, 0/5V open circuit, 0/2.5V into 50 Ohms load
Main frequency range: 0.09 HZ  to 1.56 MHZ
Main frequency step size: 0.09 HZ
Main frequency stability/accuracy: 25 ppm (.0025%), crystal driven
Main frequency sampling rate: 50 MHZ
Main frequency rise/fall time: < 10 ns (nano seconds)
Main frequency duty cycle range: 3.1% to 96.9% in 3.1% steps
Main frequency phase jitter: < 10ns p-p
Gating frequency range: 0.05 HZ  to 16 KHZ
Gating frequency step size: 0.05 HZ
Gating frequency stability/accuracy: 25 ppm (.0025%) ,crystal driven
Gating frequency sampling rate: 800 KHZ
Gating frequency duty cycle range: 0.4% to 99.6% in 0.4% steps
29 bit DDS technology
Maximum program size: limited only by your hard disk size
Power requirements: 9-12V 300 MA DC input jack (Transformer included for North American Markets)
Physical dimensions: 4.70" x 3" x 1.7"
BNC output connector
ON/OFF switch
3 ft RS-232 shielded cable
Extruded aluminum case
F155 Technical specifications:
Same as F150 except for the following
Main frequency stability: 15 ppm (.0015%)
F105 Technical specifications:
Same as F150 except for the following
Main frequency range: 0.0093 HZ to 156 KHZ
Main frequency step size: 0.0093 HZ
Main frequency sampling rate: 5 MHZ
Main frequency phase jitter: < 100ns p-p

Download software

Download a copy of the full featured control software for all F series frequency generators.

F100 Software for MS-Windows 95,98,me,2000,XP,NT4 go to download page

F100 Software for Palm OS 3.5 or above: go to download page

Feedback/Mailing list

Contact us at to let us know what features you want to see in the next version of this product or the platforms/OS you would like it to run on. There is also a AtelierRobin news group where new software/hardware releases are announced. You can subscribe here.

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